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    Unhappy Did I Blew My Chances With This Girl (Real IOI Vs Fake IOI)?

    There is a girl in my college that used to me lots of ioi signals.

    I am not sure if her ioi can be fake or was she really interested in me.
    She is very attractive and get lots of attention from guys and girls too!

    Some of the iois:
    -She looks at me with seductive look/bedroom eyes. She looks at me for extended periods of time which sometimes made me uncomfortable.
    -She pouts her lips/mouth slightly open when she sees me. Sometimes does this while looking at me.
    -She becames more energetic/changes the way she walks when she sees me.
    -She sometimes makes eye contact, then breaks it by looking horizontally to the my side then back to me again.
    -Sometimes when she is around she stand with her body in my direction.

    What makes me not sure about her is because I found her looking at another guy and this made me doubt her as being really interested.

    But here is the most important part: one time I was standing and she stood around hovering with her body directly towards me and while playing with her hair but I never approached her she stood there for like 5 seconds then left after that incident I noticed her iois have been much less frequent and she became aloof.

    Do you think this girl is faking these iois for attention or was she really interested in me and I blew it?

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    Default Re: Did I Blew My Chances With This Girl (Real IOI Vs Fake IOI)?

    She's probably just young and interested in a lot of people...

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