Sooo...awhile ago I posted a question about whether or not I was being played or if there were just cultural misunderstandings with the daygamed HB8 Lebanese girl I've been seeing. Well it seems it might have been a little bit of both, but we blew past that and now I'm in the current situation:

As she originally stated, she wanted to stay celibate since her last marriage failed. I was okay with that and, other than some intense making out, didn't really do much with her. After she stayed at my place one day, we ended up doing some good old-fashioned high school dry humping (she initiated), which again I was okay with. Then the next couple of days we continued our playing/teasing...which I think I was able to control better than she could. She gradually escalated to being topless, and ultimately the day after we ended up having sex (I was actually reluctant, but she was persistent). She went into how no man has given her an orgasm before (almost decided to become a lesbian as a result), and [jokingly?] stated that the man who can do that for her is the one she'll marry. I told her we'd have to fix that, and she had her first real full-body orgasm with me 30 minutes later.

She called me today asking a bunch of questions and basically questioning whether or not I was Christian Grey or something. Then she mentioned that I [jokingly?] ruined her and she's scared she might be getting addicted to sex with me. Even as we were talking, she initiated some spontaneous phone sex. The conversation ended where she did not want to see me for a couple of days to "test" herself and make sure she can control her urges/feelings for me.

Sooo yeah, not sure how to deal with that. I'm almost wondering if I should break it off because it might be going down a dark road, but at the same time I really do like her a lot. I'm not sure if it's the whole cultural thing again, or the fact that she's never been able to explore her sexuality as freely before, or if perhaps she really can get addicted to this.

Before I made any decisions I was just curious about what your input about this situation is. If you need any other details, let me know!