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    Default Lifestylebible and xavier, what do you think about relationships?

    I addressed this to those two because they seem to be among the most knowledgeable here, but anyone can answer...

    Obviously, PUA is not about forming monogamous relationships, but what about when you meet a girl that you feel is worthy of that?

    What do you think is the POINT of a relationship? Do you think it can be about anything less than having children? What do you look for in a relationship or do you look for them at all?

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    Default Re: Lifestylebible and xavier, what do you think about relationships?

    That's a pretty good question.

    I'm still relatively young even if I've been in the game for a while, started doing day game when I was 17-18, so I personally am not thinking about a serious relationship, nor what a worthy woman is.

    Gun to my head, I'd say a worthy woman is a woman which can complement my life in the long run, one that is interesting and has my sense of humor. I must be able to tolerate and accept her flaws and she mine.

    Relationships make you understand more about yourself and the person in front of you. It will make it clearer what sort of person you are compatible with in the long run and have children with.

    I plan on starting to live with a girl at 27 because I want to see what type of people I could live with, I've never done that before so, it would be a good learning experience. and then maybe taking the leap when I'm 30.

    Again I've never really thought about this before, I will more and I will get back to you with a better more detailed answer.
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