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Redstar i don't think i need to tell you about reading women, as long as you're a good guy with a good head on your shoulders and you're not a chump and don't rationalize a girl treating you like crap....it's very easy to tell when a girl is sincere or not, girls are horrible liars in my opinion, so it's not difficult to smell a lie, then you just test them, like recently i said how a girl canceled on me last second and said she had to work, so i said ok i'll visit you at work (not like i was really going to anyway) and she said 2 lame excuses back to back beforr i could even respond so it was so obvious she was lying, later on i found out from another friend that she was hanging out with another dude at his house, owch, but this girl is an irrational whore (excuse my language but theres no other way to describe her) and she's young anyway so she has a lot of growing up to do. So now i just pay her very little interest or attention when she texts me, and i'll respond an hour or 2 later because she'll do that with me, so f her. She's gotta put the effort in if she wants to see me again. Plus i called her out on what she did that i knew she lied and hung out with another dude, she said she's sorry but she doesn't mean it, i was jusr angry and had to get it out of my system because it was bothering me. I DO NOT suggest you call out a girl you're seeing on her sluttiness if all you want to do is bang her, girls like being called sluts obviously, and if you do that they'll just open their legs for other guys more than they do for you now, assuming they still even want to hang out with you after you've called them out.

Don't call them out on it is the smarter thing to do....its not like u would marry a promiscuous girl, I just have too much pride and can't help confronting people when they act like shitty human beings.
I'm trying to think what any of them has to offer me besides holes to have sex with. Do you know the answer to this?

The only other thing I can think of is money.