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    Default Leave your honest and logical mind at the door?

    I was raised proper. Raised to be the good honest man I am today. I make a heck of a good friend and a loyal one at that, one you can count on. I got your back, and won't talk shit behind it, if i got issues with you i'll tell you to your face. I'm physically an attractive guy. Sounds like a good catch to a girl right? Not really, we all know this because we're here learning game. The game isn't meant to be logical it's just meant to work. Obviously being myself doesn't work, being upfront and honest/logical with girls has never worked out for me, i've lost a FWB, for calling her out on her shit, i've been denied sex for being too nice at times with girls. It's my natural go to personality because it is my personality. I feel like when i walk out my house I need to flick a switch telling myself I'm walking out this door to have fun and not take anything too serious. Not a logical way to think....but women are more "in the moment" emotional creatures than us men, after all that's why people learn game right? If simply being a nice good guy got you lucky then all men would be very satisfied. We wouldn't have to play these silly games of not texting her back too early...pushing and pulling her...being around women to make her jealous.

    I really have to flick that hypothetical switch, don't I? It's not me but i'm pushing 25, i'm getting over that hill (heck my hair is starting to fall out) and time flies and i'm tired of all this. I can't be myself.

    Your opinions? Especially those with game out there...when starting out it's like you're killing your old self and being someone else?

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    Default Re: Leave your honest and logical mind at the door?

    Bluenose, my man. I totally get where you're coming from. And I've been there. That place where you feel confused because all of this advice goes against what you have been for many years of your life. People tell you that in order to find success with women, you have to stop being "nice". Even though you feel like you are an honest, caring person. And you don't want to be mean to anybody, definitely not a cute girl.

    Now I'm going to tell you something that might piss you off.

    The men who have come from that place where you are, that confused place where you're just starting to learn game, and you don't really know if what you're doing is right, and it feels kinda weird and strangely wrong, and you're not getting the success you want...
    The guys who come from that place and eventually get to a place of true mastery, where they don't even have to work at it and women just want to ravage them, where they just breathe social influence and lust and they don't even have to try....
    Those men don't feel like they have changed themselves

    They feel as if they have become their true self.

    They have changed their paradigms so that they more accurately depict the world around them.
    They ask themselves deep, sometimes painful questions like:
    Why do I want to sleep with a bunch of women in the first place?
    The true, emotional answers to that question are painful to think about...

    "Because all of my friends have girlfriends and I feel insecure around them because I'm single..."
    "Because I feel inadequate if I don't have many sexual partners..."
    "Because I feel like less of a man if I don't sleep with lots of women..."
    "Because I feel like if i'm single, or if I don't have a fuckbuddy, I feel less significant."
    "Because I crave the social validation..."

    When I was deeply honest with myself, those are some of the answers I came up with. These are many of the same things most men struggle with.

    Now I'm not saying that wanting to sleep with a lot of reasons is wrong, of course it's not! It's hard-wired into us as men! It's healthy, it's good, it's fucking fun!

    What I'm saying is those REASONS need to change. And in order to do that you must change the way you look at the world so it more accurately depicts reality.

    You following me here so far boss? I don't want to launch into the solution here if you're already confused...
    Jake Berreth
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