Hi Kvn,

Thanks for the advice, you are right.

I think my major bug was I made look like the kiss was a big deal after the date. Like it was ''oh we moving into something really personnal''. I got to work on a that ''needy'' part of me (and the fact there always has to be something going on, lol) while its just a process (at our age atleast)

A followup is usually: ''did you make it back safe'' 1-2 hours after we met, and the next day start a new conversation (referring above, it might look needy)

All those ''friendzone or not serious'' comes after the date where we kiss (probably in response to my sudden jump in interest).

Interesting or obvious:

1) The ''not romantic'' girl (lets say Agirl) came back to me 2 days after, asking my ''professionnal'' advice.... seems ready to party on friday (tonight) with me...... she's the one who said: ''no romantic stuff with me'', she asked for help to setup an event, than we teased about when she'll join me at the party, and to be ready for the dress code ''party dress code'' which got a reply ''her dress code'' ..... Maybe something physical will happen tonight with her, we will be around 100 friends so gotta keep it low but firm

2) A girl (girl B) who asked me if I was faithful after saying ''nothing serious, too much stuff going on, lets be friend... than I replied: Not gonna be friends. To be than asked if I had been ''faithfulll..... After 1 week of radio silence, she texted me to meet up in the afternoon to help her make a decision for a new job ''she mentionned professionnal advice''.... she called actually 2 times when i didn't reply. I was still the office, we talked on the phone, she started to close the conversation, told her I had to meet new clients.

She asked to tell her how it went (to which I responded, I barely ever miss the target: her voice lowered by half after that) and she'll tell me her decisions the next day. Did nothing of that and let 2 day pass, I crack: I asked about her decisions. She took my advice, we texted and she behave really too friendly for my taste.

It ended I told her I was leaving the gym to meet my next challenge ''A new chapter, which hope will let me sleep a bit to prepare the weekend and to avoid listening to XXXX romantic signer'' (I think she thought it was a date). Her reply: Ah well have fun

I did clarify it was 125 pages book with an exam next month (to which she wrote : You can do it) ..... I clarified cause I dont want to look like a player or I got someelse already (but than she's not my friend) oh well I dont wanna play the ''text jealousy game''. I already got a couple of dates and the stuff I had planned with her another girl took the place.

So they both coming back.... the GirlA non romantic probably might have a physical interaction but it will be decided tonight (i dont mind the friendship)

This other girl B, no way I want the friendship but I have to keep my professionnal cool and she sends mixed signals (probably to test her hold on me)

Tonight, I am gonna send girlB that text you guys helped with: '' Hey, I'm at thisreally cool bar, having a kickass time (or whatever, tell her something neatabout the bar, the bartender is really knowledgeable about whiskey, whateveryou want. Just insert a cool little detail), hope you're well, I'll drop you aline soon."

Kvn about those 2 options at the end ''following kiss or friendzone'' they related how I feel gonna use it thanks
It's a personnal level one but since we talked during the week on a professional level gotta tweek it a bit