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    Default Getting Girls To Do Taboo

    Alright guys, this one is for after you already seduced the girl and want to go a little further, more taboo. What I mean is how do you guys who are into it get girls to have anal sex? I thought I'd ask this cause I'm sure theres good PUA's who can get girls in bed but struggle getting to the kinkier stuff. I personally have had 3 girls let me but only one let me finish and the other two did the "pull out right away" thing. With each of them they were long term girl friends and I literally asked them and had to almost beg except for with one who let it slip out she let an ex do it (the girl I actually did it with multiple times) and I guilt tripped her into it by saying "well you let him do it, why not me". I'm in college now and no longer want long term relationships and am looking for advice on getting girls your simply dating and smashing (not long term girlfriends) to let you do it since I'm young and want to experience multiple women. What are your guys techniques on the matter?

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    Default Re: Getting Girls To Do Taboo

    Haha, awesome question.

    So first, before anything, you're going to want to build her level of compliance.
    What that means is you're going to want to essentially get her in the habit of doing what you tell her to do. Not in a mean way. But when it's done right, girls fucking LOVE IT. Girls love a man who takes charge so they can just let go and experience. It's in their nature.

    So you start small. When you guys are making out hard, shirts are off, maybe you have her pressed up against a wall, draw back, pause, look her in the eye and tell her "Take off your bra." Your tone of voice is key here, you want to sound sure of yourself without sounding like you're 'commanding'.

    You want to keep with that "I'm in charge, but i'm not going to hurt you." attitude. Don't break it.
    Whisper some dirty talk in her ear "I'm gonna fill you all the way up" "You want this?" *as you press your dick up against the outside of her pussy* "You've been a naughty girl" stuff like that, sexual stuff but not too raunchy, it ruins the mood.

    Here's my favorite way to build compliance:
    After you did all the stuff above, but before you put it in. Tell her: "Say please" slap her clit with your dick and rub it up against her, tell her again "Say please" "Louder, I want the neighbors to hear" "Louder" pull her hair and rub against the outside of her pussy while you say this stuff and it's going to drive her crazy. Remember your tone here, too. You don't want to sound angry, sound like you're in control but you're just having fun.

    When you finally stick it in there's a good chance she'll cum instantly #onestrokewonder

    After all this, is the time to go for the ass.
    So obviously go doggy, and while you're fucking her get some pussy juice or some spit on your thumb and gently rub your thumb around the outside of her asshole. Then stop for a lil bit. Then go in again, but rub a lil deeper this time. Then stop again. Then go back and get a lil shallower. Stop for a lil, then go real deep.
    Keep giving it and taking it away and she'll probably start begging for you to put it in there (works a charm for me) or she'll at least be a lot more receptive to you if you start to press your dick up on her asshole.

    Don't ask verbally, that's not a badass move.

    Ask with your body, just press your dick up against her asshole and gauge her reaction. If she's into it, get it on. If she's not, she's not, that's ok, too. Some girls, no matter what you do they aren't going to let you in the ass.

    But you're in college and most girls want to explore their sexuality. Luck is on your side, my friend.

    Hope that helps!
    Jake Berreth
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