So you know me I am great at opening, closing, building attraction. I can do in S1-3 but who can't.

Anyway in A2/3 and you opened your set, with that banging hottie and it pops up and it is something that I go ooh I am a freaking badass and I need to slam this chick btw it happens a lot to me. On exceptionally high class women which surprises me,

When she says...(after working my magic)

"You're turning me on!!" In the middle of the bar or on the sidewalk "Are we doing the foreplay?!"

"Ooh I am so turned on right!"

I find myself going ooh crap internally and either losing the set or backing out gracefully but I don't feel like I am capsulizing on this. I am getting better at game so chicks say this a lot. Again this is not about conversion or closing the set. The question is where should I take it!? Help please huge sticking point and keeps happening need to respond right where I don't then turn them off which usually happens by it going to my head. How can I be smart about this common reaction from women?