RSD TODD Video of Approaching 5's and the derailing aspect of marketing.

Watch the video and read what I said and maybe it will make more sense.

That's the video called "23 Numbers in 2 hours" Shocking Daytime Pickup Rampage. Watch the video and look look look. Look at those chicks and tell me ONE of them that's over a 6. NONE. Not one. I am talking HOT. When I say hot? I mean Pamela Anderson is the scale. She is like an 11 (unattainable Porn Star) they are only unattainable because I don't live in LA. If you do then props to you.

But anyway Pam is an 11 and a regular HB10 running around (ones you can actually approach) would be like Kate Upton. So watching that video you will find no chick CLOSE to Kate Upton seriously. RSD Todd is acting like a stud but this video is an example about how it is more about marketing and either through fear or AA they don't approach next level hotties. I approach next level hotties. If an 11 was roaming around like Pam I would be approaching 11's but for now I am stuck with 10's

Could I get 23 numbers in 2 hours if I wanted? Yeah sure! But there is a point when you get to Jedi Master you no longer care about quantity you care about quality you want every interaction to be PERFECT. And how can every set be perfect by approaching sub-par chicks it simply cannot. My 6's open me man and he is running around bugging girls at an Outlet Mall stunting with 5's lol. Like I said even closing 5's!! AGHH.

I close 9's and 10's on the reg. I didn't say open. I said CLOSE. They make it look so easy closing chicks yeah those are 5's bro. Nice deck but all I go for is 9's and 10's in my deck.