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    Exclamation Bf destroyers and other tactics fail. Need Help!!!

    I have a problem with boyfriend destroyers.

    I meet this girl that is really flirty with me, and keeps the kino-touching high. and she is really teasing me. I have been negging her, being cocky-funny and applying every part of the game that I know.

    In one of the things that we were doing the boyfriend came out quite like a unwanted thing. After that she told me "are you mad to know that I have a boyfriend?". I answered neutral and try to keep things going making her laugh and everything.

    I used some silly games, also the cube and that stuff. She seemed quite closed, I had her number, and email, and facebook. The next day I went to some class and she was around so we met again.
    This time she put out the boyfriend stuff a lot more, and each time i tried to kino-touch she retired herself a bit. then i ask her how long she has been whit his boyfriend (8 months, he is 32, works in some math firm and they just move together) so I used the question of when is the wedding. She answered that she hopes that it is when she returned. So i used the "your Bf is awesome" tactic, it seemed to work but not as i would like it to. then she started to talk a lot about other things and each time she mentioned the boyfriend i used the same tactic (i think that was a mistake from me) and so. I acted a lot afc, but she was even thought quite flirty and everything, so i keep on with the game.

    At the end it seemed to go nowhere else. so i went into her apartment (shared apartment we are both students, she is Slovenian) and like we were in the living room and she was just putting stuff in the fridge i just decided to take my leave. I told her to meet me in Friday for a beer an that I am not accepting a no for answer. while i was just walking away from her.

    The strange thing is that to everyone she knows and asks about the boyfriend she says that she hopes that they survive the 6 months apart(she is in a kind of interchange). And that for try to overpass that she told him to buy tickets to see her each month.

    I don't know what to do. I am desperate, I have been absorbing knowledge from everywhere to try to overpower this but i haven't find a way.

    Help me please..!!!

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    Default Re: Bf destroyers and other tactics fail. Need Help!!!

    Hey DrummingBoy,
    or DrummingMan? I'm gonna go with DrummingMan cuz I'm not down with calling anyone 'boy'.

    Now that we have that out of the way, let's get down to brass tacks.

    So you're really into this young lady, but she has a boyfriend, and she seems to be very attached to him. But she gets mighty flirty with you.
    She's shown you some affection, responded to your touch, and you feel something for her.
    That feeling is real, I get it.

    What I'm about to tell you is going to be a little hard to swallow, but if you want to get anywhere with women, you're going to have to take this step.

    Move. On.

    You say you've been absorbing knowledge from everywhere.
    If so, you may have heard of the term "oneitis."
    You have a classic case.

    You're becoming waaayyy too attached to the idea of being with this one girl. And it's making you desperate.

    Stop beating your head against the wall, stop torturing yourself by inviting her out on dates and running all this game on her when she's obviously committed to her boyfriend!

    Distance yourself from her a little bit, stop spending so much time with her. Work on projects that you're passionate about, hit the gym, read some interesting books. Do what you have to do to get your mind off this girl and focused on your mission in life.

    Mission in life > Girls
    All day. erryday.

    Here's another real important step you have to take...

    Game other girls.
    Create an abundance of women in your life.

    Because this whole desperate thing, girls can smell it from a mile away. And it acts as an effective pussy-repellent.

    You don't want to have the stench of pussy repellent on you.

    So detach from the idea of having this one chick.
    Practice gaming a ton of other chicks, there's over 3 billion other chicks in the world.
    Over half of them are decent looking
    20% are 8s-9s
    10% are 10s
    That's Three hundred million 10s you could be out there gaming!!
    Do you know how long it would take to count to 300,000,000???
    Me either, but that's not the point. haha

    Put your pimp foot forward, my friend. And have fun gaming other girls.

    Hope that helps!

    Jake Berreth
    Check out my dating blog:
    Need 1 on 1 Private Coaching?
    PM me for details

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    Default Re: Bf destroyers and other tactics fail. Need Help!!!

    One word, be better. There is nothing you can obtain in this life merely wanting one must persevere!! From what I've noticed the "BF Destroyer" is a fool's game. Acknowledge him and you lose instant incredible amounts of value, ignore him and you suffocate a similar fate. Let's cut to the chase. I've learned long ago I can neither way whether I talk smack about him or talk good I still end up the loser.

    So what is a man to do with a "boyfriend" obstacle? For one there are single girls go for them. But if there is one girl you are stuck on there is only one trick. Befriend them both but at the same time sow disharmony among the ranks.

    To the BF talk about other chicks on your roster (as there should be) and to the girl run game on her like she is just "a friend" no Romantic fascinations, in fact be happy for them!! Eventually you will lose interest being friends with them and if not you will be lined up for a breakup being ready to say I "told you this guy was like all the others" and you become rebound guy.

    Establish this image in her mind that hey you're legit with friends but let her know your intentions is to be the rebound backboard. That's better than a doormat.

    Anyways I saw a Facebook relationship flourish and then crash because even though they became roommates I adapted the philosophy "he can have her" now she ditched him and single again so I am "the rebound guy" her Spring fling me thinks.
    When you let go of your feelings you can really then embrace your surroundings
    Love is a game that's why I don't worry about it anymore. When you let go of your feelings you find your meaning.

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