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Once i asked a girl why is she hanging out with me, just to see how she will react. thats a shit test my friend.
I know what a shit test is. I was asking you how and why what she said applies as a shit test. I didn't ask for examples.

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if you dont need a better way to show higher value and you are not looking for a way to improve yourself in aproaching sets, than i think you too dont know why you typed this on this forum
you asked how to aproach that girl and i gave you tip, we sre judt chating here.
Listen, I'm not gonna debate this with you cuz you're making a ton of assumptions and the only one who seems to be misunderstanding the premise here. You're giving generalizations and barely providing solutions. Telling me to look deep in the forum and seek help isn't advice, not to mention completely irrelevant. Just saying.

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So, if you are asking yourself should you txt again, thats dumb idea, do it, it can be fun, but worse than this? Can you loose something you dont own? No.
Yes, it might be fun but as a high valued man, is it worth the struggle? that was the million dollar question.