The thing looks like that:

I had/still have 1y LTR.

Gonna dump her when I'll be bored with banging her. She cheated me with woman lol. Quick story:
Party at friends place, I passed out, found them fingering themselves when I woke up, they freaked out, I wanted 3some, they both said naay. I said to her that Im OK with that, do whatever you want (but obviously, she'll be dumped as soon as I'll do her few more times).


Now, the lady I'm meeting at Weds is a girl that had a huge crush on my when we were studying (6 years ago). She know my current LTR. I told her that I want to meet up to talk about some freaked up story, the discussion looked like that:

We didnt spoke for about 6 years. She got some LTR - around 2 years I think.
Please note that english is not my native language, I'll try to make it as much natural as I can

FB: Me: Hi, call me let me when you'll read this, u know the number?
3 hours later she's calling:

Her: Hi, whats the matter?
Me: Beer at Tue/Weds? Got some freaked up story and you will love it. My treat, the only thing you gonna need is your precious time.
Her: Umm, I'm have flu I dont think I can make it on Tue.
Me: It settled, so its Weds then (laugher). Gonna text you tomorrow evening about the hour.
Her: Yeah do that (laugher), I'll be waiting.
Me/Her: (bye, bye)

The thing is, I want to tell her that shit, wait for a reaction (she'll be shocked, and probably will hate her).
I'll do some shit like (well, I dont mind physical contact, but that day I lost my best friend). I want her to think that I want her to be my friend - then slowly build attraction and finally do her.

What do you think about that? Do you have any expirence with "I need a friend thing". When I think about it - its freaking perfect, but I might not be seeing the full picture.