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    Default Do I call it quits or call her out??

    So I played all my cards right with this girl. I played her to the core. Well she got a leg up on me and now she is pouting on Facebook about me and getting all this validation from other guys and girls but the whining and writing was about what I said and did!

    seriously this always happens! I swoop in and don't fvck up and poof I am like Prince Charming but then I say something edgy and she thinks I am too weird and says what I say is crap. Then why is it worth your time to sit there and make such a big deal.

    I truely feel women are out to get me. They pretend to love me then when I least expect it they flip the fvck out. And all I said was HB10's Alpha. She flirts with all these guys but acts like she loves me. I don't feel loved.

    To make matters worse I pre-qualified this target to no end. She was a good target. Not an attention whore. She was nice. Fun loving and drama free. Ignored guys. Said she was single for life. Thought she was a lesbian.

    Then she meets me is acting like a whore. Attention whore with all the mimicry of what I say. Mocking and pretending I was Prince Charming then turning on me and saying I am burning the breeze. Telling me I don't love her and never did. What the hell I thought this was a good target. She was never like this before me. She is like this to no other guy. She says I sm weird but I perfected my inner game so I didn't fvck up. I just feel like she is singling me out and refuses to let go of me but refuses to let me in.
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    Default Re: Do I call it quits or call her out??

    Sounds like part of this is venting lol. Well hope it helped ya out a bit. My opinion? In a healthy relationship both parties mess up and should not be chastised for the little stuff. She's definitely drama if she's putting stuff on FB. I think you should call it quits, but really no one can tell you when you're done other than you. Just make sure to learn from this experience and don't worry so much about screwing up. Everyone is bound to screw up. What's important is how you handle it. Either you let it consume you because you weren't "perfect" or just shrug your shoulders and remind yourself "eh, I'm only human." And that she should accept that or go.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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