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    Default Advanced Question

    So thanks to this PUA forum and your advice, I found an HB8 that I'm very happy with. As I build that love and sexual relationship, I also want to continue to improve my PU skills. How can that be done if I don't want other women? Go out and be friendly? Meet guy friends, go into sets, etc? Work on my alpha skills...
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    Default Re: Advanced Question

    I never stop gaming, even if I get into an exclusive relationship. Maybe down the road if you've been dating for a year or so and it looks promising, then you can tone it down a bit... but the fact is 99.9% of relationships don't work out. Don't lose your alpha skills just because you are dating a girl.

    Additionally, she should be going out and flirting/having a good time with other men as well at the bar. You can't have a needy jealous limiting relationship, that ironically lowers your chances of it working out man.

    So keep it loose, keep it fun, and don't stop gaming. You don't have to pull, but you should be flirting and meeting new women. If you really like her/she really likes you, you'll stay with each other

    Started game in 2012. Professionally coaching for 2+ years. Strong believer in good karma, if you'd like me to give you a call/skype/email for some quick tips please reach out. Happy to help. It's cool if you're weird, I am too. Just don't be super fucking weird alright? learnrealseduction . com

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