Now I've knownnthis girl for most of her life. I'm 26 she's 19. The whole situation was precipitated by my girlfriend. She doesn't like this girl so I've spoken to her less and less over the last six months. Her stepfather and mother are good friends. To begin, I saw her a couple of times over the last six months each time she would sob something obnoxious and I would ignore her completely. Wouldn't even look in her direction. Each time she would call her mother and cry about it. So every time I would go over her moms house she would ask if I was mad at her daughter because she felt hurt that ignored her. It all culminated to the point that my girlfriend messaged her about it twice. Again she cried ringer mother. So I saw her out at a bar after it happened and she tried ringer my attention by stepping wherever I stepped. I again didn't say a word and pushed her out of my way. She called her mom crying hysterically at 130 and 4 in the morning. I received 3 or 4 Tex message from her mother the next morning telling me how upset and hurt she is about it. So I went over there to tell her I wasn't mad at her I'm just not going to acknowledge any childish behavior. She didn't like that answer and stormed out. The next week, since I'm still good friends with the family decided to go to her apartment to just tell her to stop bothering her mother and act normally when she sees me so people don't get the wrong idea. She went into an emotional tailspin. Cried for 30 minutes straight. Wants things to contact to the way they were before. Gets pissed when it'll her not to act the way she does when people see me. She starts crying and sobbing about me not talking to her anymore. It went on and on so I left I knew she was still mad. So the next week I decide fuck it I'll just tell her one last time that I'm not mad to end this production. So I go to see her at her moms house while her mom is there and tell her the same things I told her the week before. I called her out about having a crush on me she denied it. And was pretty mad about me saying I don't want people getting the wrong idea. She kept contradicting herself when she said she was wasn't upset then I brought her mother over to tell her what she texted me and she conceded she was upset and hurt all because I ignored her three times. I've been dealing with this situation for a couple weeks now. I know this girl has a crush on me and I'm just tired the bullshit. I just want to trap her into admitting it after all the drama she caused. Any ideas on this girl and what to do?