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Thread: How to get women to pay-

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    Default How to get women to pay-

    My question is a tricky one for me. How when dating can you turn the tables and get a
    women accustomed to paying and buying you gifts? If you're like me, you've often come
    out of relationships thinking "That sucks. I paid 3K over 6 months and now it's over." What is the best technique to break out of this soul crushing cycle? I'm currently with a girl who is already saying she wants us to go to Hawaii, etc. Is it, "baby I'd love to and we'd have so much fun...I just can't afford it" Is that Beta or can it somehow be Alpha?
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    Default Re: How to get women to pay-

    Well to make this its logic to be an advanced seducer and to be experienced and to find girls with many money .If you find girls wit many money and you atracted them money will come for sure

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    Default Re: How to get women to pay-

    How long have you been seeing this girl? Are you exclusive? Honestly a good girlfriend, at least in my opinion, would have no problem sharing expenses especially something like an expensive trip. It really depends on the dynamic of your relationship.

    The way I get out of paying for dates is that I don't go on dates. I tell them that we are only hanging out as friends and not to try anything funny. So they either pay for themselves or I'll pay for one aspect and she'll pay the other. Like I'll pay for the movie and she'll pay for dinner. Once in awhile they will volunteer to pay for everything and I'll simply say that they better not expect anything from me when they drop me off at home cause I'm not that easy. And usually I'll take care of the next time we go out. Cause you don't want to be a douche lol.
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    Default Re: How to get women to pay-

    There are two roles in relationship for guy. To be a lover or to be a provider. If this chick with you just because of your money pay till u fuck then dump her. If you are in emotional relationship with this girl just once act like u forget your wallet and see her face. If she has fucked up face that means she is just waiting you to pay the dinner. Be an fucking Alpha and say her that you are sick and tired of paying shit for her. If she make some drame it means she has low value and treat her like a bitch and dump.

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