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Thread: Need help with flirting and kino

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    Default Need help with flirting and kino


    I'm a very social person and I can have a (small) talk with everyone on every place. My problem isn't that I can't approach or that I can't keep a conversation going. I'm a decent looking guy, so that isn't also the problem.

    My problem is that I cant make the right funny or flirty comments. I suck in those comments. Funny (and teasing) isn't the biggest problem, because sometimes I succeed and sometimes i'm trying too hard. But when i try to flirt, i'm to soft (comment is not flirty enough)or can't make or think of the right flirty comments. Also when to touch a girl (Kino) and finding the hookpoint I find difficult.

    Can somebody help me with these things. Books, tips, how to practice this etc.
    i appreciate everything!


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    Default Re: Need help with flirting and kino

    when flirting focus on why you are attracted to her, and communicate that to her.

    Compliment her on her personality-not her looks, and above all keep it honest.

    " I like your dress" This isn't flirting, its hitting on her; which never works, because she knows you are saying that to get into her pants.

    " You're nice and easy to talk to" This is flirting,because its genuine and tailored to her.

    Never try to manipulate or lie to a women with your words.

    to keep the convo going, is simple:
    question-answer- your opinion about her answer and repeat. Give more statements than questions.

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    Default Re: Need help with flirting and kino

    The way I flirt is that I try to shape it like she's hitting on me and misinterpret everything she says.

    Almost anything she says can be twisted into something sexual and misconstrued that she's hitting on you. Saying this with a smile and guess're flirting. Of course you don't want to badger her back to back with these, but this is the way I do it. It's almost like that guy that always calls out the "That's what she said" but less annoying.

    Kino: I'll give you a quick checklist, but for more in depth detail there really isn't anything better than the DiCarlo Escalation Ladder.

    1st- incidental kino. Like brushing against her chest when you walk by. or stand next to her with arms touching. Only for a few seconds though. This is explained further in the dicarlo escalation ladder.

    2nd - I always always always start with a soft punch to her arm when she attempts to be funny. Same as you would with any friends.

    3rd - learn palm reading or grab her hands to see her nails or jewelry. notice how this is not at all sexual yet gets her comfortable with your touch. remember not all kino has to be sexual.

    4th - when an opportunity arises to move her (hey lets grab a drink) put your hand on her upper back. You can also use this as a quick pat on her back as approval for whatever she said that was worth it.

    5th - move her with your hand on her lower back. or walk by her and place your hand on her lower back as to kind of letting her know you are walking by and don't want to knock her over.

    6th - find a way to sit next to her with your knees or legs touching.

    7th - to be continued. I just realized theres so much more. But the general idea is little progress at a time so she's used to her touch.

    The biggest thing you have to remember with kino ( and I cannot emphasize this enough) is that it's just as important to stop kino as it is to start it. Because each time you move away from her she will ache for your warm body next to her. Especially if she's attracted to you. So you reward her by coming back to warm her, but this time you get a little bit closer. Rinse and repeat until your close enough to kiss her. Never big jumps.
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    Default Re: Need help with flirting and kino

    You're thinking way too much about it. You can flirt with the best of them! Batman gave you some good advice but there's so many ways you can go about it.

    All you need to do to flirt is show interest. You don't even need to be "funny". An easy way to flirt is to be interested in her while giving her heavy eye contact.

    Get her to talk about herself, then when she says something unique that you like, tell her.

    You: That's awesome! I really like a woman who does that. You're adventurous and that's a rare quality among women (That's if she tells you something adventurous that she's done).

    All you need to do is be comfortable, have good body language, and get her to talk about herself. That's it! You don't want it to be an interview, but ask her open ended questions and use the information she gives you to do it. If you can have small talk with anyone you can do this with a woman.

    Her: I just moved here from Alabama
    You: Tell me what an Alabama girl is doing way up here (heavy eye contact).

    That will most likely get you a long response. If she gives you something short make her elaborate on it.
    Her: I'm going to school here.
    You: Why did you feel like going to school so far from home?

    That will make her elaborate allot more, then you can feed off her answer. See what I'm saying? While you're doing this you should kino. I can read women very well so I usually jump right in with heavy kino. I'll put my hand on their lower back right away. I'll even grab their hand. I wouldn't recommend this for newbies though. A good way to start kino is to touch their arm with the back of your hand while you tell them something. Do this first then slowly escalate. If it's loud put your hand on their back while you tell them something in their ear.

    Eventually just grab their hand and hold it. If they pull away give them a big smile, laugh, and try again later. If they hold your hand go for the kiss.

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    Default Re: Need help with flirting and kino

    Maybe you are too respectuos ,try to repeat in your mind that you are courageos .Also focus on things on how you want to be not focus on the problems

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