There are 3 and a half billion women in the world, find a new one. In other words, Dont get too attached to one who cant even enjoy your sense of humor, Instead of telling her she needs to work on you, she needs to work on her sense of humor, if she new you were joking, being playful, then why would she get offended by your words when she knows your intention. Lighten up.

We Neg in a playful way, so girls know we are joking, we smile, we give them a push, a Neg isnt a insult, other wise we would just call it an Insult.

Plus no guys anywhere would get anyone just by insulting her. So She shouldn't get offended because if you were negging her and not insulting her then she should of understood it is a bit of fun.

Honestly, if your mutual friend asked how its going between you two, you should say this "I am a bit apprehensive to talk to her or say anything, so the communication is limited, Just because last time i was only kidding, It was clear that I was kidding when i smiled and my playful tone of voice, but she got offended, so i feel hesitant to express my natural personality around her. Which was a shame because we were getting along so well and I like my sense of humor, but obviously she reacts sensitively to the way I am which makes me question the whole possibility, My intention wasn't to upset her, because if it was why would I invest my time with her, why would I do what I do and Teach what I know to benefit her life skills and future development if I was trying to hurt her, She should know this, So should you.Quite frankly, I am quite offended she thinks I am that type of person and You I am offended because you know me even better then she does, Actions speak louder then words, and my actions suggest I only had the best intention for her and us"

What that suggest, is that its awkward because she has no sense of humor, it suggest that it wasn't your jokes, but her intolerance to humor that creates the problem, it also suggest that that has opened your eyes to fact this possibly wont work which puts her in a position were she is loosing you, causing her to the position of chasing you. It says directly in there that you didn't intend on upsetting her, It also suggest that its obvious my intention isnt to do that if you were wise enough to look at my actions. Which makes them feel stupid for not seeing the obvious. What you have done is basically put them in the position you were in, and you in the position they were in without apologizing or waiting for them to fuck up, and its the truth. Who would insult a girl they like??? You were just being playful while trying to build attraction.

Why would you appolagise for something you never intended on doing, If she assumes you are insulting her, She should apolagise for the false accusation, this isnt about alpha, its about respecting yourself to stand up for yourself when wrongly accused.