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    Default Manning the fuck up and getting my ex back

    HI Guys and fellow future Master Pua's
    As it's my first post' I'm just going to hit up the community with a problem, and see if anyone has any opinions/help or just general comments they can give.
    I'm not new to the game, but I met a girl in December and we hit it off, it went really well, constant sexual tension, flirting, gaming right, it was really good as a casual relationship. For the last couple of weeks she seems to feel we haven't been the same recently, adn that I have a problem with her having guy friends (she has two that she talks to regularly), obviously as a man it almost hurt my ego as I know it shouldn't because they're only her friends, but I suppose we do things we don't understand sometimes, so I did have a problem with it, however I understand now that I was just being an AFC for the last couple of weeks. Okay so she ended it over text because she wasn't sure of a "right time", I acted cool and she said she was happy it didn't make things awkward, but she just hasn't been feeling the same recently, she even said we might have gone into this relationship too quickly, and that it isn't fair on me because she can't keep it up. I am of course hurt somewhere inside, but I'm a guy that gets off my ass and quits crying; we talked constantly ever since we met, well not constantly but you know what I mean, and the sexual attraction just disintegrated about two weeks ago, hardly flirting, no ioi's nothing. I have initiated nc (which is difficult at first) and i'll see how that goes, and of course not giving a fuck and manning up and living my life, but if anyone has any advice or anything to add I would really appreciate it. I'm going to fuck her again but until then.


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    Default Re: Manning the fuck up and getting my ex back

    If you and her are not escalating, dont bother, no recovery, no contact, new girl, too many women to not move on. Just cut all ties, and move on, everytime you chase you make her feel more special.... but not in a good way, the way that makes her think she owns you, she too good for you. the second it goes shit, flush it down the toilet and find the next meal.
    Men, we need to value our time more then we value women. This isn't to say women are not valuable. But who are we to believe in something so illogical, as men we should realize that without our time(life), we would not even be able to pursue women, but only our mother who gave us life. Why do we think we should prioritize them over our time(life) unless she is the one who gives me/my children life. Man is Sovereignty.

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