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    Default Help With Gaming IRL and Social Media

    Hey, Im kinda new to the forums. Used to read a few posts here and there and finally decided to make an account today.

    But on to my question/problem. I made this post to ask you guys for help mainly with conversation. I don't necessarily have a problem with approaching but the main reason I don't is because I'm not sure what to talk about after approaching.

    When it comes to social media (anything like IG, twitter, snapchat, etc) how do you start a convo in a girls dm/inbox? The normal "Hey" doesn't seem to get too many responses. And also if they do respond, it's back to what I mentioned above when approaching IRL. What do you talk about/what do you ask them?

    Also how would you talk to a girl you're just trying to smash vs one you would cuff (settle down with).

    Any tips, stories based on experiences, links to videos or links to other posts are greatly appreciated.

    Im currently in college and will be moving into the dorms for next semester if that matters.

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    Default Re: Help With Gaming IRL and Social Media

    Social Media advice you need to contact a go on this site called T-Mal, He is the best, Ive tested his methods and they are as good as it gets.

    Also, Welcome.

    Guns&Glory has the Ultimate texting Guide which is another great guide which can be applied to any messenger format.

    There is alot of sub categories in the threads section specified in Building attraction.

    When approaching, I find the last thing you want to do is have a conversation, Avoid building a relationship, you just need to get in and get out while getting what you want. If you create a conversation with or as wel call Rapport, you are becoming a friend.... nobody wants that, once a friend thats all you will be.

    Just walk up to her, Smile, put your hand out to shake it (Shake hands works for me because it more formal and less sexual so there less threatned and smiling shows that you are not a sociopath)

    Introduce yourself.... "I'm tyrone, Whats your name?

    Then tell her straight up, "You need to know, That you look amazing," then pull out your phone, put it close to her hand and say"give me your number"don't ask for tell her what to do.

    Once she puts it in say " Bye" and walk off, giving her fuck all with bye when she has just given you her number makes her feel robbed so she will want more information when you xontact her, and the less you say the more confident you appear and more mysterious you appear.

    This technique shouldn't take longer then 50 seconds from point you realise you want to talk to her to the walking away, any longer and your fucking around.

    Remember Women can decide in a matter of seconds wether there attracted to you, less time you spend, less chance of fucking up, and so there so quick to decide then they dont deserve any more time then they give.
    Men, we need to value our time more then we value women. This isn't to say women are not valuable. But who are we to believe in something so illogical, as men we should realize that without our time(life), we would not even be able to pursue women, but only our mother who gave us life. Why do we think we should prioritize them over our time(life) unless she is the one who gives me/my children life. Man is Sovereignty.

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