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    Default Engaged girl engaging me again?

    Yo Players.

    So I went to school with this girl for 2 years and she was with this guy for a while. But at the end of our school year, we started flirting heavily. We even kissed once. But long story short, things didn't end up well after a while so we kinda fell out.
    Now 2-3 years later, she is now engaged to that same guy and we end up working on the same gig recently. We started talking again like normal, no expectations. But things went for another turn at the wrap party. Granted we were drinking but we kinda hit it off again throughout the night, more effort on her side. Constant eye contact, hugging, kino, everything. We were in a bubble no one could pop. She even sorta ditched the girl she came to the party with to be around me. So the nights ending, we leave together and the vibe is still getting kinda sexual. We didn't kiss or anything but I just got the strong sense that she's really bored with something. Maybe her relationship? life? fuck if I know. But she made it clear that she wanted to hang out again and that she missed me. She just can't hang out with me alone (for obvious reasons) but never denied that she wants to either. So for the past few days we've just been texting back and forth, kind of hinting at the idea of hanging out, but my question is... how?!

    So what would you do in this situation? We already have a history and at this point (I believe anyway) we can't just be friends. Even though we label it as such, we're past that. I don't want to pursue her but I won't turn her down either, so I'm stuck. What do you think?

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    Default Re: Engaged girl engaging me again?

    Sounds like your the "Back up Boyfriend" As soon as her relationship get bad or she is hurt, this her way of getting even, its like when you don't give a girl enough attention she may start getting it else where, to her, you aint nothing bud a quickfix, medication, you will kiss again, she will feel bad, stop talking to you and run back to him. Learn the lesson the first time, The lesson repeats until the lesson is learned. You are better then that, you deserve nice single, loyal girls, not girls who behave like this.

    Also a thing to consider: If she is doing it to him, Why wouldnt she do it to you. Just because you may be differnt to the boyfriend, doesnt mean she wiill have the same reaction (her reaction = her behaviour) what you say or do may cause her to react, but just becuase youur diffferent or the problems were different does mean the reaction she does will change, because thats her habit, thats her behaviour.

    Example: your mum for the first 12 years of your life tells you to stop picking your scabs, Then she stops bugging and your dad starts telling you stop, are you going to stop because the voice opr person changed.... No, you will stop when you are good and well ready and realise its wrong. So just because you date her, doesnt mean her behaviour will change..... You deserve better then that. I would tell the fiance.

    I had a situation only two weeks ago, an Pretty good Asian chick who catches the Same bus and Walks down same street as me every morning going to work. We started talking, She started doing alot of Kino, and I thought fuck it, and kissed her. The next morning me trying to esalate asked if she lived by herself ( you know sussing for room mates, see if we can start taking to hers) and She responded with " no I dont live by myself" ( and lifted her left hand and there was a wedding ring.

    I walked off and never talked to her again, I see her every morning and Avoid contact like a plague, Why would I continue That, When if came to me married, the last thing I would want is my wife kissing other dudes on the way to work.

    Next time she says " Lets Hang Out" tell her " Bring your fiance I want to tell him we kissed 2 years ago" fuck her. When you get married, there is a rule that needs to be respected. Why say yes when he proposed if you are not going to respect it. Thats just pure evil.

    I would avoid her like a plague. Like I avoided that Chick from my boss, and if i knew her husband, I would tell him. Help him get evidence that she cheated so in court she doesnt get half of his shit. If your Not happy in a relationship why stay in it and cheat, just break up. It called a couple, not a threesome.
    Men, we need to value our time more then we value women. This isn't to say women are not valuable. But who are we to believe in something so illogical, as men we should realize that without our time(life), we would not even be able to pursue women, but only our mother who gave us life. Why do we think we should prioritize them over our time(life) unless she is the one who gives me/my children life. Man is Sovereignty.

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