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    Red face It takes long for her to open up to people!!

    Hi there,

    I went on a first date with a girl on Saturday. The date went very well and I could see the IOIs coming from her! However she was not very willing to be touched much and she was speaking to me kind of formally!

    I got her to come to my house for a cup of tea at the end of the date (for the sake of letting her know more about me - no intention to f close) and then I told her that she was confusing me a bit because she was from a bit different culture and I was not sure what the protocol was in her culture! Then she told me that it would normally take a long time for her to open up to other people it.

    Saturday night I messaged her and she replied that she had a great time. She also borrowed three DVDs from me and she had already watched one of them.

    Anyway I messaged her about a concert we talked about on Sunday morning and her answer was very short and cold. Sunday night I messaged "A handsome man is willing to call you. Are you ready?" but I got no reply. Ever since I've got radio silent but I wonder when I should contact her and how. Why has she gone suddenly cold? I am 100% sure the date was great and she like med.

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    Default Re: It takes long for her to open up to people!!

    When you are dating someone from a different Culture, then unfortunately this sort of thing sometimes happens, as in some Cultures there is pressure not to bring Shame on the Family, by not being too forward.

    If She's gone Cold I would take a step back and then wait until She Contacts you but in the meantime console yourself by looking for someone else just in case it turns out that you could be so incompatible (at least Culture wise) that you eventually realise that you could be wasting your time.
    The Power in a Relationship always goes to the one who cares the least

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