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Thread: Dating is Easy

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    Default Dating is Easy

    Dating is easy – be nice to people and stay in your league.

    But... Girls don't like nice guys, they go for jerks, you say. Girls love nice guys. The problem is that every time you hear a guy say “girls don't like nice guys” she is a seven and he's maybe a three.

    But... having game will help you get girls that are out of your league, right. Well, no, it won't, because women don't really care about your game.

    Let's look at it biologically – a man, in theory, can have an unlimited number of children, each time you have sex, is, theoretically, a chance to reproduce, so men are not too picky about who they have sex with. Women, on the other hand, have a very limited number of opportunities to reproduce – she's gotta carry the kid for nine months, and after wards, women are the primary caregivers for children, and it's not practical to have too many of them. So because of this, women are not looking for a large number of different sex partners, but for the best possible sex partner, the guy who is as close to the total package as she is likely to get.

    This is why women don't care about your game, they care about the total package you are presenting them. My advice to all you pick up wannabes – put down the pick up books and focus on actually getting your life together so you have a decent package to present. Get your own place. Get a respectable, non embarrassing car. Learn to dress like a grown man, it's called business casual. Learn to talk to women respectfully and have a real conversation about common interests instead of just trying to get in her pants. Get trained for a career that could possibly support a family one day. These are the things women look for, not your “game” The only thing in your package if you are a pick up artist is the desire to sleep with other women, and nobody will go for that.

    But... isn't it possible, with the right know how, to date out of my leauge? No, it isn't. Attractive people know they are attractive, and they know who they can get. Dating out of your leauge is like applying for jobs you are not qualified for, you might score a few interviews but they will still wind up hiring someone else who has what they are looking for.

    But a lot of guys have great difficulty hearing the word “No” and this is what pick up all boils down to – they are trying to sell men on the notion that it is possible to never again hear “No” from a girl, all you have to do is keep practicing this stuff until you reach some magical black belt zen master state where all women find you irresistible, and that's just not how it works in the real world.
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    Default Re: Dating is Easy

    Hi Bill

    While I agree with 'almost' everything you say, Girls are not initially attracted to nice guys, because nice guys that do anything and everything they say, are usually very predictable and boring.

    And when the Boyfriend becomes the 'Bore-Friend' that's when the Spark goes out and that is when they start to look around for someone else who is able to provide them with that much needed excitement.

    While at the Same time using their Partner as 'Their Mothership and Safe Haven' so at least She still has someone to pay those relationship bills.

    For things like going out to Dinner and Trips to Shows etc.

    But take her out to somewhere like a Dinner Dance and in no time at all some 'Not so nice guy' will invite her onto the Dance floor and be all over her, where She will only encourage him by Flirting her ass off.

    Because believe it or not Girls love that kind of attention, which many of them are hooked on like some sort of drug.

    And while it may seem like harmless fun, that is not always the case and I've seen relationships crumble when a Bad Guy comes onto the Scene and I can speak from experience as I think of myself as a nice guy, who has had that happen to me at least a couple of times.

    Where the only way around it, as far as I can see, is to keep her on her toes by playing the part of 'The Bad Guy' with a 'Nice Guy' hiding underneath.

    I think you are right about 'Game' though, I almost never use it as instead I have my own ideas as to how to make an approach, which is a lot more natural than this 'Cocky Funny' stuff.

    My USP is eye contact and the 'art of conversation' of which of course I am a 'Black Belt' in (Lol) or maybe not so Lol!

    And having developed 'my look' over time, I also dress my age and never go out anywhere, looking like a scruffy bag of spanners, even if its a 'T' Shirt and a nice clean pair of Jeans. (not the baggy ones with the knees ripped out)

    As for Girls, I think you know when someone is out of your league and though you may succeed in dating her, you also know that its going to end in tears.

    Which is why I almost always let my intuition work that one out before I make a move.
    The Power in a Relationship always goes to the one who cares the least

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    Default Re: Dating is Easy

    Nah, game comes into play. How much of it, I don't know. But I will disagree with you here.

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    Default Re: Dating is Easy

    I love the Logic.

    2 things I would love to add:

    1.Its not that being a nice guy is a bad thing. When you are a nice guy, you are a friend, so most times you are only in a comfort/predictable phase. You will also be helpful without any process of her earning because your just a great nice guy.

    So if you are a friend, that is not really unpredictable, telling her everything. Its like looking at a fence. I don't get turned on by a fence around a house, because its a fence, I know its white, its pickard and its a fence, that's all there is to know and all i need to know. Nothing more intriguing to get me to investigate further.

    Then when I want that fence to be a fence, without any hesitation the fence is going to be a fence, no resistance. So there is no challenge there either.

    So a nice guy is easy and simple. She wants to be challenged, she wants to earn it, She wants to be excited.

    As for League, Don't believe it. No such thing, never give yourself limitations, The world is your bedroom, all you have to do is get them into bed.
    Men, we need to value our time more then we value women. This isn't to say women are not valuable. But who are we to believe in something so illogical, as men we should realize that without our time(life), we would not even be able to pursue women, but only our mother who gave us life. Why do we think we should prioritize them over our time(life) unless she is the one who gives me/my children life. Man is Sovereignty.

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