Been absent for a while here and there gents, but I hope the same guys are still on here from before... and not married now! Haha.

To all of you guys out there that are perpetually unhappy with your dating/personal life, and can't quite figure it out, so you go on here and try to read up on "how to text the girl after she brings up blah blah blah" and try to read some more meaningless* literature without going out or approaching more. Let me tell you this, that 80% of the problems on here that I see can be fixed by one single thing. Going out and approaching more and applying more! Not reading shit on puaforums.

Now you may have some tidbits that could use a bit of advising. That's normal, but until you have hit a brickwall with 15-20 girls and literally cannot figure it out on your own, only then should you come on here and ask for questions. A great quote I read today was "If you are unhappy, chances are you are expecting more than you are willing to work".

Go approach this weekend, kill it, and have a good ass time. Cheers!

*meaningless because most will read, and not apply it to their lives or not try to change anything. Wasted space in the brain to be honest.