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    Default Am i reading too much into it body language?? GF give IoI to another guy?

    Am i reading too much into it body language??

    long term gf (5 years)
    living together
    talking kids

    at a private birthday party in a club venue (rented hall), everyone drinking, women dressed in not much lol

    culture: hispanic

    guy stationed conveniently right outside bathroom area lol
    runs into my gf that he has known from before we were together

    so my girl goes to bathroom and he stops her they talk for like maybe 30 seconds

    what got to me is this

    music loud, they have to talk in each other ears to hear.....ok fine

    she is doing completely unnecessary touching (ex: hold top of arm, grab hand when leaning toward ear to talk)

    to me this looked like kino and just being overly touchy for no legit reason.....basically if i was in same situation i would take it as chance to ask her to get a drink (especially if i knew her long before seeing her in party)

    i dont know why but it got me really upset....what i did was walked over to them and took her to the food catering area like i was hungry......

    anyway, the reason it got to me is ya we all know women....shit test, but this wasn't a shit test because she had no idea that i was looking at all this unfolding. (and yes i am sure about that)

    anyway it got me to thinking that maybe she isnt wife material and that i fucked up, ya i know its nothing but i come from Jewish religious background and its just not what i want in wife. a religious jewish girl from good family would not let a guy kino her and DEF not be touchy-feely in conversation with someone, considering its basically my wife (just not legally)

    what do you guys think??? any input would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Am i reading too much into it body language?? GF give IoI to another gu

    By her grabbing HIM, SHE is controlling how close they get. You are being paranoid.

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