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    Default 300 Mile Friend Zone?

    New to the forum. In my mid 40's, and just out of a 2+ year relationship.

    This weekend I encountered a very strange situation that I need advice on how to avoid. I will try to paraphrase....

    I have amassed a social media following full of really beautiful women and a couple days ago I changed my Facebook profile to a pic of me with a new puppy, and a woman who I had been eyeing on my friends list for years commented on it. I seized the moment immediately, and started a convo. After about 2 weeks and about 15 texts exchanged, she decided to make the 1 hour trek to my house for the weekeend. The build up was intense, and exciting, complete with sexual innuendo; I thought we were going to have a romantic, sex filled weekend.

    She arrives at my house around 9PM, and I had planned for us to his this bar, complete with "dark corners" and all of the things I'd need to rope her in. All went well, and when we got home, she fell asleep. I was OK with this, since we had never actually seen or talked in person. I figured i'd give her one night to get comfy with me. We snuggled a lot, into the morning. I could tell she liked the cuddling, but she gave me virtually no "IOI"s.

    In the morning, after a few hours, I decided to break the sexual ice by leaning over and kiss her during what felt like a very "natural moment". She didn't embrace the kiss and simply told me she hadn't brushed her teeth yet. Eventually we made our way to breakfast, which was slightly awkward, no matter how hard I was trying to seem relaxed. Luckily I was able to create conversation, and I did. By the time we had breakfast, she was laughing with me.

    But here's where things got weird... I literally had a mental list of things I wanted to do to make the weekend a fun experience for her. First up, take her to walk around a near by park. She all out declined this, and told me she wasn't feeling well. At this point I didn't know what else to do besides try to make her feel comfy, since she was "feeling well" in a far away place. I went to the store and picked up her favorite beverages. She was starting to fall asleep (again), and i told her i was going to go for a run, so I didn't seem like a puppy following her every move. I took advantage of this time to think through what was going on and try to get my mind right while she "napped". I get home, and a few hours go by, and she's laying on my bed with me while we "chill", yet is not cuddling. Over the next few hours, It got really weird. We had pretty in depth conversation where she was basically telling me her life story, like a previous marriage and all this other sort of "baggage" stuff about her, but once again no "IOI"s.

    She kept apologizing for feeling like crap and being "away".. so I did what i could to keep things fun, like putting on a movie she wanted to see. But as the day progressed, I couldn't help but start to display my disappointment with how things were going. I couldn't tell if this girl was actually sick, or just sick with a case of "not feeling me". Around 2pm, I made a decision.. I am not going to let this girl "friend zone me" for 5 days. I am not a chump. So i decided to start letting my body language show how i was feeling, a bit more. I was sort of staring off into space and being quiet. She picked up on it, and asked me what was wrong. I told her i was "fine", yet kept doing it. Within a half hour she got the hint and said she was going to go home to think about things, and apologized for ruining my weekend. I quietly agreed "ok", and helped her carry her stuff to the car.

    We immediately went from a romantic build up, with hundreds of texts, to one of the most weirdest 48 hours of my life, with zero contact once she bounced. I did everything I could to aid her in being comfortable, yet nothing was enough, it just remained weird.

    What the fuck happened? Why did it fall apart? Why was she so weird? Was she just nervous? The last thing I am doing to do is chase after her, or am i wrong?

    There was multiple times when i had her laughing to the point of tears by one of my infamous "stories", yet I could not get her to even make out with me. I need to know what I can do next time to prevent this from happening again. If anyone can give me some advice, I would seriously owe them one.

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    Default Re: 300 Mile Friend Zone?

    Hi Pimpson

    Try not to hate me for saying this but perhaps She didn't feel you were her type and didn't come to that conclusion until you actually met.

    And her reason for her not partaking in everything you had arranged, was that She just did not want to send out the wrong signals by turning on any 'Green Lights' or accept any favours, which may have put her under pressure to make out with you.

    So at least you have to give her credit for not leading you on.

    It gave me no pleasure to write that but ('We' and I include myself), have to face the fact that not every girl that we may meet is going to fancy us, however famous or well connected we are.

    Its easy to try and kid myself that I am Gods gift to Women, although I know I'm not and I've had my share of turn downs I can tell you, which is always a bit of a kick in the 'ego' department.

    It would probably be a very strange World if everyone fancied everyone and so I guess that is something that we all have to learn to accept.
    The Power in a Relationship always goes to the one who cares the least

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    Default Re: 300 Mile Friend Zone?

    I would not have been pleased by this date either. Seems odd you got no IOI's while cuddling. Weird. But yeah, she seemed to be giving you the brush off, and when you returned the favor, she took her cue. This is done with. Move on.

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