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Thread: When a Girl is Awkward

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    Default When a Girl is Awkward

    Most of PUA characterizes women as being in a fortified bunker with stout defenses, and we are a marauding horde looking to break into their castle. And for the most part, that is true. Women do have a lot of defenses. So a lot of PUA is dealing with her defenses AND not making mistakes ourselves. But what do you do, or have you done, when a girl dorks things up.

    A few nights back, I noticed a group at skating, that was fairly large and getting larger. There were definitely some babes in there. I had observed from afar, passed by where they were at a few times after getting water, and then I saw an opening. 2 had broken off from the group and were making their way back to the group. They were horrible on there skates and having trouble moving. So I go to offer to help them get better on their skates. These 2 were low level, shy type girls. The one girl, skinny but a fairly decent face, got snotty telling me they were going to get advice from people in their group. The other girl melted into a puddle and somehow slithered off. The first girl was treating me like some damned pick up artist. (Ahem) So a thought popped in my mind, drop some good advice, even though she does not want to hear it from me, and, ALPHA STARE DOWN. LOL, I DID get the satisfaction of cowing.. She looked down and away from 3 times as I was laying out some info while giving her a laser stare. Her shoulders drooped, and her body was no longer squared up at me, but facing to the side. Small victories. So that "in" to that group got torpedoed, not to mention there was a lot of IOI from the nicer girls to the guys in the group. So.... I pretty much wrote that group off.

    So, I guess the question boils down to this: Have you ever been stonewalled by a girl, but kept your cool and moved on, only to have the girl come crawling back, awkwardly looking to re-engage. How have you handled it, and/or, how do you think something like that SHOULD be handled.

    I have had mild brush offs where I smiled and walked away, and the girl changes her mind re-engages in a nice way. But it has always been a good solid re-engagment by the girl. This was actually the first awkward, tail tucked, re-engagement.

    Any thoughts on this, or on handling Awkward Girls in general.

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    Default Re: When a Girl is Awkward

    When she comes to re-engage you should just talk to her and buld some attraction like normally i wouldn't make a lot of fuss around the re-engage thing.

    The best way for me to interract with awkward girls is with the propinquity technique. That means that girls are more comfortable getting together with guys in their social group. In this case I would first make friends with the guys in the group and then go for the girl.

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