Hey guys, so I'm new here and was reading some interesting stuff on here so I decided to join. My dilemma is that me and a girl from work will be smoking together after work soon. We both get off around 11 or 12 and we were going to get high in the car together and chill, the thing is is that my car is currently in the shop. She always seems to be flirting with me at work, but then again she does have a naturally flirty personality. Nonetheless, she has shown more interest in me and has recently started jokingly testing and touching me and giving lots of eye contact. What I need help with is what to do once in the car, it immediately troubles me that I'm going to be the one in the passenger seat. Another concern is, what is a smooth way to escalate in a vehicle. Its difficult for me to imagine just putting my hand on her thigh out of random, what I would guess to do is maintain the playful touches from work into the vehicle. Any of you guys have any methods of escalation you use when in the car, and more specifically any ways to quickly go from hand to hand (blunt pass) contact to more intimate but not necessarily sexual areas of her body?