So lately I've been doing street game especially on weekends and I've been getting mixed results so just curious if you guys could give me some insight.

I now understand how to fully run sets at night no problem. I am having awesome conversations , good DHV, Kino is good I feel as if its just the right amount, even doing some push pulls. Now when i get ready to close a set i'll say something like listen I'd love to stay and chat with you more but i have friends that i need to meet up with or ill say your friends look like they are about to leave but we should definitely continue this more and we can pick each others brains more and if you get my attention more we can get coffee and go from there.

Unless they have a boyfriend or married (Which i usually find out soon before i waste time) this works but for some reason the past few weeks I've been getting the correct numbers but they don't respond the next day.

It just seems like now that i am understanding the game I'm getting more women who don't respond, and my first text i send is usually something funny and that pertains to the convo we previously had. So just curious do you guys get numbers that don't respond after solid interactions or is it just worse at night?