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Thread: Pride in VAIN

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    Default Pride in VAIN

    Hi, I've recently noticed that I get a bit self-conscious when someone comments is meant to make me the butt of the joke, it doesn't affect me to an extent where I would take it personally and hold a grudge against the person, and I casually play along and respond in always respond in a playful manner. The weirdest thing is that when this happens I am either slightly phazed by it (as described above) or I completely don't care, a non-**** given state of mind in it's purest state. This doesn't affect my interactions really, but due to my curiosity on this, it distracted me a bit, hence the post. Does this happen to you? How do you get rid-off this ineffable sensitivity and self-conscious to certain comments? Thanks

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    Default Re: Pride in VAIN

    Hi Dude,

    I know what you mean, I too get this happening to me and I don't always act to well inwardly to people making me the butt of the joke and sometimes that comes out with my pissed off 'say something else and you're going down' face haha.
    I mean It's fine if I'm making fun of myself however others can sometimes hit a nerve and I let it play on my mind occasionally.

    I now deal with it with an internal quick analysis;

    Why are they doing it? To make themselves feel better right? or to raise themselves up socially?

    I just think; right you can have that one, I don't need to react, you don't know me, I do and I'm better than you! With a wry knowing smirk, (maybe look them up and down and a raise of the eyebrows) I carry on. If you exude that confidence they will second guess themselves anyway and you'll see that in their eyes.

    I effectively give myself a pep talk and remind myself I'm better than bringing someone down and that person has just proved they are below me in their actions, hence the belittling body language I react with, words are not necessary.

    I guess the sensitivity will go over time especially with practice at dealing with it. I'm still working on that haha

    Duno if that helps. It's how I deal with it anyway.


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