I recently broke up with the girl I was dating for about 1 month. It was a crazy relationship. Lots of drama, lots of drunken nights. Anyways, one time I was over at the Ex's house, I started talking to her roommate while the ex was in the shower, and we totally hit it off. My ex actually got pissed at me for talking to her so much and was jealous. The roommate is much more my type. When I broke up with the ex I actually asked the ex for the roommates #, and she gave it to me lol. We texted back and forth a little, I can tell she's into me, but doesn't want to piss off her friend/roommate. She didn't outright tell me no, but she did say she doesn't mess with her friendships. The thing is, though that the ex and roommate actually hate eachother. Any thoughts on how to proceed?