ok, so I met this girl who is going to college. We have been flirting, she is insecure about her emotions.

I am having a hard time reading her, she may or may not be a bad girl. So, before she had to goto college the other day, I convinced her to have me over at her place, she was all like no no, I have to do my homework.

I was persistent, and was like like are you sure you can't find time.

So, she messages me very impulsively I assume through a text.

I go in for a kiss, I know she likes teasing me. But we haven't kissed yet, when I went in for it she seemed not interested, or as teasing.

I have already been rubbing her pussy, trying to hit her clit through her pants.

She was sitting all awkwardly to the side, and I put my hand in her pants, couldn't get my hand down there.

I like to gage a girl by her reactions, you know? If she says no, you stop. If she lets you play with her, but doesn't seem interested like no facial reactions.

What is going through her head, is she on her period and I'm up shit creek again?

She didn't say no, but she didn't react to the situation at all.

Couldn't get my hand on her clit either.

Not sure what she wants, maybe just fwb.

Shes cute, 18 dresses with booty shorts, and lots of other almost tacky accessories.

My roommate wants her too, and he thinks she is just thirsty. I am picking up on that, pretty sure. But, she seems shy and thirsty.

She didn't say anything about me unbuttoning her pants, and she was all like sneaky about buttoning them up.

I can jusy go for the cookie, if I get showdown thats not problem. My problem is, I want this girl to help me get other girls. Mainly cause I'm recruiting for cam modeling and its not easy.

Thanks for trying to help with my banter, I have experience with social engineering, and have been getting better with girls lately. Fuckin shit up though, living next to 4 colleges is sweet, working next to them as a csr is a good window.

Had these 2 girls bail on me and lead me on, decided to act like idc, but ended up messing my schedule around a bit.

Never texted me back, typical cute white girl psyche.

Should I tell gurl #A straight up just ask her what she is looking for? She dodged me today, gonna get me to chase her I bet.

Next time I see her, I just wanna ask * what are you looking for*
She is gonna be difficult and be like specifically. If she does, I feel like I should just be like a relationship, friends, casual lovers.

Please hit me up with directions, I just need a non crazy girl to stop me from goin crazier..!