My ex wife who I hate at times lol constantly talks to me and keeps me updated on things in her life outwith to do with the kids. When she is dating a guy she will try and make me jealous and has point blank told me she does try to hurt me and make me jealous. As her relationship progresses and the guy starts showing his trje colours and the honeymoon period is over she will speak to me about the said guy and ask for advice. A few times she has called me while the guy is in the background and they are arguing and tell me what he has done

On whatsapp whenever I have messaged her it will show last seen literally last 10 mins ago everytime whether she is in a relationship or not. I on the other hand never check her whatsapp unless she messages me (am trying the no contact rule). She says she will always love me but "not in that way"

What can I do to make her my friend with benefits or bed her. I think our relationship died because she likes going out, I dont because I am trying build a business and stuff. I know I am the one person she trusts most as she comes from a broken home and doesnt get along with her siblings

Please help