It came time to start looking for a new vehicle, and I setup a meeting to look at some cars at a local car dealership. I arrive to an HB10 and immediately lock eyes with her. We sit down and talk options with cars, and she asks me several personal questions as she apparently knows my family and my ex as the last name on my information triggered her to smile at me and ask me these questions. I had never met this woman, but she knew a lot so much about me. Talking was direct, but I tried to throw a couple negs in there about her driving ability as she was talking about her issues with speeding. She smiled, but the IOIs were limited minus the great eye contact. I decide to think the car over, and text her and thank her for her time. I ask her to dinner sometime, and she deflects stating that I was sweet, that she appreciated the offer and was flattered, but she just started seeing someone and wanted to see how it goes. I responded thanking her for the response and that it was understandable and that I would have kicked myself if I hadn't tried.

My question is, how could I have handled this differently? I thought I used some decent techniques and thought a decent connection was made. Should I stop contacting her? Worried about it going to friend zone if I try further pursuit.