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    Default Problems with my GF

    Hi guys,

    Hope you can help me. My girlfriend and I are together for about 2 years. Her ex boyfriend is very annoying and I think he wants to get back to her and tries everything to get in contact with her. She was his first love and atm he doesnt have a girlfriend.
    My girlfriend and I already had a few fights because of him. He texted her the day they got together: "Do you remember 7 years ago?".
    He tries to emotionally affect my girlfriend and sometimes tells her about the animal they both got together.
    So she cries. He knows, that if he tells her about the cat, she will always listen to him.

    Now he always gets in contact with her best friend and I think he wants to orbit around. My girlfriend knows that I dont like it when she has contact with him.

    Two weeks ago, she met him with her best friend in a club. Her best friend had something in his flat from the past. He told her that she can get it and then both went with him to his flat after the club. I believe that she didnt do anything there, but how can she go there, if she knows that I wouldnt appreciate this?

    Also, recently we have a lot of fights. Our sex life was in the beginning very good. Best I had longterm and for her "The best sex in her life",
    but in the past 3-4 months we had less and less sex.
    It also looks like she doesnt invest a lot anymore. We have more and more fights and she cries a lot.
    I believe, that she cares about me and loves me, because we fight so often and if she wouldnt love me - she would be gone already.

    Can you guys please give a an advice on my whole relationship drama?.. What would you do in my situation?

    I really appreciate every answer....Thank you everybody

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    Default Re: Problems with my GF

    To my mind, you shouldn't do what a lot of guys do by saying: " you have to choose between me and him." Never do that because you will show your weak side. Instead, try to back off step by step and she will surely remark this. If she asks you why, tell her: " You began to become distant from me and I just wanted to support what you wanted to do. If you really crave and want your memories with that guy to come again, then I'll wish you the best. You know all I want is your happiness. "

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