Hi guys i am pretty much a beginner with my play following The Tao of Baddas from Josh Pellicer. Getting pretty confident and good with attraction lately but kinda struggling with rapport.

I 've met a girl through our mutal friends. We went out in a group for like 2 times and I ve built some attraction and got her number. Then We didn't see each other for a month because i was travelling a lot but we were casually texting.

When i got back her best friend texted me to go the city and grab some drinks with them. We got a few shots and when we were going somewhere she was still beside me but we werent really talking i was just casually touching her and she was returning the touches.

Few days later we went on a date we were walking and talking for like 3 hours stopping at cafes or parks occasionally but she wasnt returning me touches she was just sitting still everytime i touched her. Then at the end of the date she said it was fun and that she would like to go another time again.

The thing is that at the night in the city i felt some chemistry between us but at the date not at all. And we werent really discussing sexual things like i mostly do on dates. Could it be because she didnt date anybody yet?

What do you guys think?

Thanks for your answers