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    Question Older HB Co-worker confusing me

    I want to start by saying that I never tried gaming older girls before. I'm 25. I began a new job about 5 months ago, met this cute HB7 that was assigned to work with me, she's 30. I didn't view her as a target so I acted completely normal with her. We became close friends and she was even telling me about a guy from our office (29) that was gaming mostly via text. One night we went out with coworkers and we ended up caressing under the table and then proceeding to make out.

    The next day at 8pm she texted me, that she didn't want to make things awkward and that she just saw it as "friends that had a little too much to drink." She also asked me what I wanted to call it, and I said she could call it whatever she wanted.

    I basically then fell deep into the friend zone. We would go on road trips together, have lunch together, etc. Then one night I invited myself to her place and tried making out with her. She rejected me that night but said that if it was another night, when she wasn't being rational, that she would have made out with me. She also added that she found me more attractive than the other guy.

    Yesterday, we spent the whole day together on a business trip. After work she invited me out for drinks (she knew I was meeting another girl later that night). She began telling me about the guy again, and then said that I looked upset. I told her that we could either be lovers or not friends. While I was talking she moved from her seat and started making out with me.

    I haven't texted her nor contacted her because I don't really understand what she wants. One minute she's talking about the other guy (another coworker) and telling me how he's been texting her sexual things and then another she's making out with me. She tells me that she the type of girl that makes out with "everyone" but is very selective when it comes to having sex with guys.

    How can I game her better? and how can I avoid falling back into the friend zone and/or competing with this other guy?

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    Default Re: Older HB Co-worker confusing me

    My advice is to just ignore her. You've already made it clear what you want, no sense in backtracking.

    If you bump into her at work, just be polite and move on.

    If you'd like you could always try to invite her over to your place, but only invite her once. Anything else is chasing, and it sounds like she likes the both of you but doesn't want to have sex with you for whatever reason. Could be she likes the other guy more, could be that she has already had a sexual relationship with the other guy and wants to keep you on the back-burner. Could be any number of other reasons.

    Doesn't really matter though. Just be patient, eventually the other guy will probably fuck up and she'll remember how you just let her go and didn't need her at all. Then she will start being more flirty with you and then you ask her out again.

    Until then, just next her and wait for the other guy to fuck up. Because if you try to compete for the girl then it doesn't matter what happens, you will lose either way.

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