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    Default How to successfully banter

    I need help in bantering, how to do it. My approaches mostly go straight into rapport after a direct opener. I'm missing the bantering and I know it will make my approaches much deeper and stronger. What are some examples of bantering?

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    Default Re: How to successfully banter

    Just try some playful teasing. One thing you really want to try to incorporate is some kind of "false disqualifier." An example would be "you seem really cool but something tells me if we dated you would just give me a hard time about everything. Where to go. What time etc. Nothing I do will be good enough for you. I'm not sure I can handle that kind of intensity. " Another example would be "you seem cool but how do I know your not really high maintenance." Let her try to convince you that she is worthy of you continuing the interaction. If she responds with "because I'm really nice etc" then she is starting to invest in the interaction and you just keep going with that kind of playful and teasing interaction. Be careful not to over do it though and at some point you can do it a lot less and have the conversation flow a bit more naturally without having to worry too much whether she is hooked or not. If she is asking you questions and you two are having fun then you know it's game on.

    Some people might call these examples "negs" and I guess you could say that. However, I prefer to think of them as roadblocks or hurdles she has to jump over. You want to make her work for you as much as possible instead of the other way around(which is what most guys do because they don't know any better).

    Also, try to come up with your own examples and don't just steal these. You want to be as original as possible.

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