Background: I've been out of the community for a few yrs & havent dated much lately for personal reasons.
I met this HB9 a few months ago, quickly F-closed & started a relationship with her. I've continued to game her & keep her in check but now I can feel her pulling away. I'm ALWAYS prepared to walk away (even though I like her alot & she says she loves me) but the trouble is I lost my job recently & I'm financially dependent on her. It really sucks.

She is totally submissive to me but is way too emotional now & claims that I tease her too much & never compliment her, blah, blah, blah. Now she's going out with friends all the time instead of staying home with me. I live with her (it's temporary but I had to move into her place).

How can I get this back on track without acting like a beta?