I was out with a girl I've been friends with, everything was fine until I started having too much alcohol and I acted like a jerk, though it was kinda justified as the people behind us were singing Kareokee and I was saying things to them, such as shut up and other "mean" things according to this girl. I don't like drinking too much when I go out but this girl pushes me to and apparently I drank so much that my inhibitions were lost and ended up saying things and even throwing an ashy cigarette at her shirt, according to her text, though I think it was just a Match as I threw the ashy cigarette out he door (this was the meanest thing I remember doing).
Anyway, I don't act this way when sober and she kinda had an effect in bringing this behavior as she was calling me a pussy for not drinking shots when she was drinking shots. The only other thing I can think is that I may have a split personality, but that l can't be proven. She texted me an angry text saying I was a jerk and threw an ashy cigarette at her and was saying mean things and she was wondering what my deal was. She also said she had the money to buy shots and I didn't, whatever that means.
I just want to know what to do, she sent me a text saying she didn't want to hear from me, I accidentally called her when I tried deleting of each of her texts and she texted back "pocketdial?"
So I don't know if she really means it or was just hurt and wants an apology. I dont want to be weak and damage our friendship even further if I do apologize.
What would you guys do apologize or not, and if not then what should I do? I didn't mean what I did or said, it was just the alcohol and people that I didn't agree with that were causing me to act and say mean things. I just want her to heal if she is still hurt and heal our friendship.