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    Default Only you can help me!

    Hi guys,

    I know that you give me the best advice, so please read through this and tell me what I should do!

    I need your highly requested advice regarding a situation, which really bangs my head.
    My (ex)LTR (3 years) and I were fighting a lot. Often it was because of me, sometimes because of her.

    One week ago we had a final talk and she said, that she did not want to be in this relationship anymore.
    I tried to kiss her, but she didn't respond and said that she doesnít want to kiss me anymore.
    She was cold the whole time and my words didnít reach her anymore.

    I got annoyed about this situation and wanted to leave. I stepped out the front door and looked for a final time deep into her eyes.
    She came close to me. She hugged me and thenÖÖ then she kissed me.

    The situation was really intense. The kiss was so fucking intense..
    She said that we have to stop kissing, because we only make it harder for us both.

    I could tell, that the kiss cracked her frozen layer of ice open. Now she was emotional.

    At the door she told me, that this changes the situation and that she has to think about what happend just now.
    Of course I accepted that. Again I looked deep into her eyes and said goodbye with one last kiss.
    She said that she will have to think about what has just happend now, the situation, and told me, that she will get in touch with me.

    Well, that was last Sunday and it is over one week ago. She didnít get in touch with me yet.
    I have to think about her the whole time. Of course I prepare for a breakup, but since I donít know the final answer, my head is still all over the place. Also I have stuff at her place.
    In case of a breakup, I would need to get my stuff and this would mean the final end for me.

    What frustrates me is that I donít know what she is doing. Is she already in contact with other guys? Does she even think about the situation anymore or did she already move on?

    I mean.. how long should I let her think about the situation, when I donít even know, if she still thinks about the situation anymore? That is so weird.

    Would you still wait till she gets in contact with me or should I contact her?
    I could also go to her house without telling her, get my stuff and put the keys in the mailbox.

    I am in a very shitty situation. I donít know whats going on and I believe the sooner I know where we at, the better I can accept what she wants and can finally move on - with or without her.

    As you can tell my thoughts are all over the place and if you could help me out with your wisdom,
    I would so fucking appreciate it!!

    Thank you guys

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    Default Re: Only you can help me!

    You wanted to kiss her when she is telling you she doesn't want to be in the relationship anymore? Are you stupid?
    Stop and listen to yourself, you only told me what it is that she wants. "I can accept what she want's" etc. etc.
    Do you want her? If you want her then you have to play by her rules. You will just have to pray that she accepts YOUR ADVANCES. If she don't... then she don't want you no matter what. But make sure of that. If you want her.. Does she want you back AT THE SLIGHTEST BIT, if she does, which clearly she would, then you have a great chance at getting her back. BUT YOU HAVE TO CHANGE. CUZ U R A BIG LOSER NOW.

    All The Best, Ciao


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