Hi, I'm Las Vegas for one more night. I went to a music festival and got blown out several times (to be fair, I was pretty high and a few fiances/boyfriends showed up and mean-mugged me).

First, some background about myself. I'm recently divorced and in my mid-twenties. I also look older than I am. My ex-wife and I swung for the last year of our marriage, so I have a lot of sexual experience for someone recently divorced. I have mostly bad nights, and then I'll have awesome nights with tons of momentum where I'll be able to make out with complete strangers. I've used PUA stuff before with success, but swinger dynamics messed with my habits.

Anyway, I flirted with one woman while shopping today, but my personality was just blank, so some recovery is definitely what's in order. I went to the festival my sister, her boyfriend (who is a PUA), her friend and her friend's boyfriend. I mostly ran out on my own to meet women, since all of their energy didn't fit running off and flirting with a bunch of people. When I was at the festival some women I approached did seem to like me, but I couldn't manage the group she was with, or if her friends came to shout about a show that was about to start. I even ran into a PUA, and I managed to blow him by being more dominant and knowing everything he was doing and how to sink it all, then I talked to him in private about it. What sucked was the women we were talking to seemed to like us both, but we crashed into each other and cancelled each other out kind of fast. We probably would have ran about for a little bit, but he thought my swinger background was douchey and that was that. No women were being nasty, but two did get me to buy them drinks then ran off and the ones who weren't interested at all were obvious. One woman even approached me, but I messed it up somehow, which is pretty bad. I was high enough where I don't remember the details though. I did end up cuddling with a woman who worked there, but she was in her forties, so I don't really count that as being smooth or charming at all. Either way, it was a festival and I should have done much better than that.

I'm going clubbing (by myself) later tonight. I don't know if anyone's going to get back to me before that, but I would like some information on recovering from shitty nights and what I should do. I'm extremely brave when it come to social stuff, but I need to have body language/an aura that is more positive than the one I have right now. I want to know how to fix my bruises and joint pain before I get back on that horse.