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    Default Picking up at house parties

    I'm going to a friends house party in a weeks time and I was wondering if i needed to approach the ladies there in the same way as at a bar or club or whether you use a different technique because most people at the party know each other and its less formal...any help on openers plus bouncing to different locations would also be great

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    Default Re: Picking up at house parties

    well think about it. if everybody knows almost everybody else, you can go in a lot less formal. also being a house party, you can come in with a little more playful and fun energy and quickly transition to seduction and keno because of the atmosphere! you dont have to have very complex openers or anything. if you show them a fun time and you different and playful, you are just fine. just make sure to be the alpha male and to bring some social proof. and by that i mean ur hottest friend who is a girl
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    Default Re: Picking up at house parties

    thanks for that crobinson1...ill definately implement all of that when i go

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