I'm new to puaforums, so forgive me if I'm jumping the gun here. For a few weeks I had been on FS, but in all honesty it seems too dogmatic for me to trust (not saying it's unreliable—I'm just a skeptic). I had been reading a lot on SS/NLS, but (not to be offensive or sound douche-y) I'm a pretty smart guy and that stuff sounds like voodoo—I'm very doubtful of its credibility.

With that said, is there an overarching consensus on SS/NLP? The guys on FS seem to love it, but then again they are pretty limited in their strains of thought.

On a bit of a separate note, I find myself, a virgin and, by most standards, an AFC who gets lucky, in a delicate situation, and would appreciate any advice.

I've been hooking up with a solid 9, arguably HB10, for two weeks (everything short of sex), and she is easily the hottest girl at my school. I see LTR potential, and I think its a strong possibility. However, her amog ex of two years is my good friend and still is not over her. Last week he laid down an ultimatum to her: stop hooking up with him (me) or never talk to me again. She felt loyalty? (as they were together for two years) and told me she had to stop. Text game is the same as it was before the whole event, so the attraction still seems there. She kept telling me that she hoped he would calm down so that maybe we can keep hooking up. It would seem to me as he using their relationship as leverage to remove me from the piciture; I think he's trying to get back with her by playing the lbjf card to her, which is exactly what she wants, not to mention he's hooking up with another girl currently, and then exploiting that weird dynamic.

However, my friend has said she tried coming onto him when they had this talk, but he may be lying—honestly I have no idea whose story to believe. She knows she's the hottest girl at the school, and has the dominant frame (mistake on my part—I blame the AFC in me), so assuming she did come onto him she may just be playing me, trying to keep me on reserve if he doesn't work out.

I'm bordering on one-itis, but I'm fairly certain she's still attracted to me. What do you guys suggest I do. I'm trying to figure out how that whole talk went as well, but I may never know.