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    bren24 Guest

    Question Need some advice on this!

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. Had a bad night the other night and was really hoping someone can help give me some advice..

    There's a girl that I really like but she has a boyfriend (that she is not close with) so we are just friends. I've been playing it cool, beating around the bush with her so I don't know if she knows that I like her for sure but I think she should have an idea. We text eachother a couple times a week and flirt a lot and my gut feeling tells me that she likes me too but is also beating around the bush.

    However she kind of screwed me over the other night when we went out dancing..

    She was dancing with another guy after I bought her a drink there so I walked off and later on left her (I just texted her telling her that I was leaving), letting her find another way back home.

    So she ended up finding a ride with a friend and texted me later that night when she got home saying she had fun and we should go out more often. I texted her back with short responses but not saying anything about her going off dancing with that guy.

    Early the next morning she texted me again seeing how my classes we're going and I replied back like everything was fine without letting her know that I actually was mad about the night before.

    I just don't get it. We've been texting and going out dancing occasionally for the last couple of months and she flirts and gives me the impression that she is interested in me. I mean she texted me that night seeing what I was doing...and the night ends like that??? It's fuckin confusing! Is it maybe because she doesn't know that I like her?

    How should I act now toward her now? Should I act cool like it didn't bother me and that I dont give a fuck that she did that OR should I address the issue and let her know that I am mad by responding short to her text messages and not making an effort to contact her?

    Also, should I wait for her to text me again since she screwed me over or what?

    Any advice would really be helpful! Thanks!

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    eye Guest

    Default Re: Need some advice on this!

    Sounds like shes just using you to sharpen her game. I know i do it whenever i have a girlfriend you always have those girls that you flirt with just to stay sharp. Now she has you in her grasp because you bought her a drink and shes like he wants me so he'll take me out and stuff as long as i flirt with him. Your first indication of this was when she went off with the other dude, who wasn't her boyfriend while she was out with you. Shes simply a flirt who gets whatever she wants because shes allowed to by guys who fall into her trap. Oh rule of thumb dont waste time and money trying to get with a chick who has a boyfriend because doesnt matter how many dates you take her on or how much you flirt with her her boyfriend is the one doing her at the end of your date instead of you.


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