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Thread: Need advice....

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    Default Re: Need advice....

    Sounds good man. I can def do that. Like I said, There are plenty of others. Already workin' on another right now and getting a much better response.

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    Default Re: Need advice....

    does anyone see this as ironic. i always have older guys trying to say they can pick up so many more women than me and all that. funny thing is a prime example, where someone without an oversized ego is getting game advice from a 21 year old when he is 46 :P.

    best part is i have had 3 girls i slept with and made them kick rocks, found there way sometimes to the guys who talk shit, then sometimes i just need a lay up cause it had been a week or two without sex and they tell me i fark way better than they do. AGE DOESNT EQUAL EXPERIENCE!!!!!
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    Viper Guest

    Default Re: Need advice....

    Here's what's transpired since the text i sent her apologizing for offending her.

    Me - Sorry if i offended you. I was only being playful and it was a JOKE. I guess maybe your illness (she has the Flu) has taken a bit away from your sense of humor.

    Her - Adam, my sense of humor has not diminished with my illness, I just simply wasn't amused by an invitation, playful or not, to play doctor with you. I don't even know you. I think people are misled by my friendly nature and perceive it as flirting. If this is the case, I apologize if I gave you that feeling.

    Me -
    No worries. Was just being fun and playful myself. Like I said, I certainly wasn't trying to offend you. Not something I would ever do intentionally to anyone.

    Since then nothing at all. Think I'll wait for a few days like you suggested and text her again like nothing ever happened. What do you guys make of it? Is she unstable or possibly giving me a "Shit Test"? Also, Do you think my responses were correct? Any pointers are appreciated.
    I am definitely not giving off the idea that I am needy. Actually, Like I stated previously, I am already working another one and really couldn't care less. Mainly trying to use this one as a learning experience at this point.

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