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Thread: Sister's friend

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    coreyt Guest

    Default Sister's friend

    Quick intro - I was born with a severe facial deformity and have had over 40 surgeries to fix it, and now that the surgeries are done I dont look too bad. But due to the deformity and critically low testosterone I was very negative, depressed and well just a wuss. But i've gotten testosterone fixed and thanks to PUA, my confidence is up and am hoping this will lead to some picking up.

    REASON I POSTED: My sister is 18 she has some cute (OF AGE)friends and one in particular is an easy 7. So I have been talking to her on facebook using some PUA techniques. So am curious when she's staying over how can i steal her from my sister lol kidding but how can I pick her up. I figure she's already in my house so has to be pretty easy. I already make conversation with her but am unsure how to get the IOIs she already keeps eye contact and stuff but nothing definite, also how can I subtly touch her? I'm great at the talking (just learning not to do the whole hey beautiful wow your gorgeous, etc stuff I use to be too nice and quickly end up in the friend zone) So anyway any tips would be appreciated.

    Thank You

    PS pic

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    Player Guest

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    Hey wats up dude first i want to say ur apperance does count so what i suggest you do is get rid of your glasses get contact lens and get a hair style some new cool clothing , an earing on your left ear and get some nice smelling clone and whiten those teeth i recomend crest whitening strips.

    ps tell ur sis to help u out

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