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    Default I need help here ...

    There is a girl i would like to keep for a while, i really like her and we havent even had sex yet, we like eachother and we are both attracted to eachother, the problem is that she figured out that im a player, i was dating 3 of her classmates, shes seen some picture evidence and she heard some rumours about me what a big asshole I am ... she is simply afraid to start a relationship with me ... what should i do ?

    She told me that the girl must be very bright but also very stupid to have fallen for me, when she kisses me she says that she doesnt know why shes kissing me and that she is stupid ... im being serious, she once even told me to let her be cuz im a player but despite her words she always comes back to me, i dissapointed her several times as well, i lost her trust, she does not consider me as a trustful person, its all fuckin wrecked but i want that girl ! :P

    She is totally crazy im serious lol, she sometimes tries to proove me that she is cool by telling me bullsh1ts about other guys and stuff lol, she uses those jealousy bullsh1ts, acts arrogant as she doesnt care about me but inside she farking likes me soo much, she sometimes says some crap and she expects that i will say even bigger crap to make myself even cooler lol, but we always have nice conversations full of laughter ! ) i just need to make her fucking love me cuz i deserve her love ))

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    Default Re: I need help here ...

    She likes the adventure and growth of being outside of her element - she wants you to know shes unique, that even with these other girls, you chose to spend time with her at this moment.

    Think about a time when you pushed the envelope, when you wanted to be unique and different, and show her how you two connect.

    Remind her that you are dating multiple women because you want to find the one that fits the best - that when you find that person that completely compliments you, but still forces you to grow and helps you become a better man, that you will give that person all of your attention...and by the way - you would like to give her more of yours...

    If this is true, and if this is genuine, show her.
    You cant tame a lion without the lion taming you.

    Of all the women you are seeing, this is the one you posted about, and I can tell when you write about her that she makes you excited, that she makes you feel vulnerable, that you want to be her man.

    This is a risk, if she is in love with your situation and not you - this will not work, but if she is in it for you, this will be amazing.

    And so if what you really want is a mans relationship, not a boys, and everything you are doing in your love life is to bring you closer to that - then this will work perfectly, regardless of the outcome.

    I hope you leave with a smile

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    Default Re: I need help here ...

    damn instinct you are good!


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