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    Cubler Guest

    Default Unsure what to do now.

    While at the market the other day I spoted a girl that I went to high school with. I only had one class with her senior year, so we were some familiar with each other. At the time I didn't go up and say hi, this made me feel shitty,so I sent her a message on Facebook. I made up a story about something I saw and it reminded me of her and things she said in the class. We jokingly message back and forth, eventually asking how each other is doing. I ask her it she would want to hangout before she has to return to school from winter break. She says she's pretty busy but we can arrange something. She says she's free on wednesday and sunday, eventually leading to Sunday being the better day. I tell her we can meet up or I can go to her. She hasn't replied since. This was on that Tuesday and it's thursday now. Should I write back or wait?

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Unsure what to do now.

    Your giant mistake was in having 0 plan for Sunday. You didn't lead and you put her in the position of leading. She cannot feel your masculine leadership and strength if you delegate the masculine role to her. Come up with an actual, fun, plan, then message her back.

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    Cubler Guest

    Default Re: Unsure what to do now.

    I'm still new to most of this, maybe lunch, movies,bowling or something?

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    Cubler Guest

    Default Re: Unsure what to do now.

    Im still pretty new to this, something like the movies, lunch or bowling. The eagles are on that maybe watch it together ?

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    Default Re: Unsure what to do now.

    This one is obvious to me. Take her to a smaller sports bar that has the Eagles game on.

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    Cubler Guest

    Default Re: Unsure what to do now.

    Alright, thanks

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Unsure what to do now.

    In the future use this formula: one active thing, one conversational thing. An example is bowling, then a bar. If it's just a hang out, try to find cool places. For example, I use a European bar that serves euro beers and some european-y mixed drinks, which looks kind of renaissance as well. It's different and cool. You always want te active part to come first because it fuels conversation and interaction.


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