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Thread: the next step

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    s777 Guest

    Default the next step

    Hi all from the uk!

    Right heres the crack, I am an absolute daddy at pulling women, show me a girl and odds are I can charm her and get things rolling


    I like her.....

    Which is sort of crappy lmao.

    So anyway heres the details.

    Girl - known for many many years, met online whilst away in the forces. Met her in life twice, once on my bday when she took me out, and this evening when I took her gym and showed her the ropes.

    We are from VERY different backgrounds, if I were to see her out I would avoid her, too much hard work imo, BUT having spent years being "pen pals" I guess, we know each other inside out, meaning we are close in a sence.

    Looks wise she is without doubt a 9 out of 10, again, not somebody I would usually chase as I am more into personality, but her personality is great.

    As it stands, I am keeping it real, the usual calling her by shitty nicknames, taking the piss out of her a lot which is going down well, the problem is she knows I am interested, and has said previously we wouldnt work.

    Having spent time together, I think we would, how do I get her to change her mind? She definately enjoys my company, but its hard to know what to do because I do actually like her and it woud bother me if she thought i was a dick. Wheras I know I almost need to be a dick to get her to like me, aggh!

    So anyway, what now, she is gonna train where I work so will see her enough and have ample time to interact, but how long do I continue with the bullshit before making a play, and whatd be the best way?
    I know I need to make her think she needs me, an idea how would help!


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    s777 Guest

    Default Re: the next step

    Thinking about it infact, she was actually negging me a little at gym...

    I put some shorts on and she said "ooh dont I will have nightmares" (I have damn good legs haha)

    and on one thing I told her not to stare at my ass, and she replied in a similar manner.

    Having said that, I neg everybody interested or not so maybe shs just sarcastic too.

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    s777 Guest

    Default Re: the next step

    So last day or two I have been replying to her texts after agggges, really making sure its a long time, keeping them short with a hint of humour.

    Had agreed to go gym together today, and when she said she wasnt doing anything after, I suggested grabbing something to eat and she agreed.

    So the day has gone well, in the restaurant I couldnt shut her up, sat and listened as intently as I could. Can make her laugh really easilly which is no easy feat considering her personality, she is a real Alpha girl!

    Now I need to know how to up this shit, if there really is a way of making girls like you lets hear it because whilst I think she enjoys my company, I have no idea how to take things up a notch without blowing it all.

    Doesnt help I live with friends so she cant come mine for a film or anything as they have a kid.

    Im not gonna text her for the next day or two, will leave that to her.

    What else?

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    s777 Guest

    Default Re: the next step

    double post

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